Materials & Care

Always follow the care instructions that come with each piece of furniture.

Never use indoor furniture outdoors.

Often underestimated, wood veneers have been used in furniture-making and woodworking techniques for over 200 years, and offer a beautiful and enduring solution for contemporary design. Inherently more durable than solid wood designs, veneers are less prone to splintering and warping. They are also a more environmentally friendly option than solid timber due to the quantity of wood used in the manufacturing process. Made from thin sheets of natural wood, many panels can be made from one tree, using the log in its entirety with virtually no waste. Our wood veneer furniture is manufactured locally from sustainably sourced timber. It comes with natural variations in colour, grain and markings that make every piece beautifully unique. The sheets are applied to furniture-grade, EO-rated MDF and the surface is varnished with polyurethane, for a durable and long-lasting easy-care finish.

Everyday care and Maintenance
Dust regularly with a microfibre cloth.

For light cleaning, use a soft, slightly damp cloth and always wipe dry with a microfibre cloth.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Blot the spill using a slightly damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Keep furniture away from moisture and direct sunlight. Use coasters for glasses and mugs.

To avoid discolouration, avoid leaving objects in the same position on surfaces for long periods of time.

Never use alcohol, ammonia-based or harsh chemicals to clean your furniture.

Do not use abrasive scourers, steel wool or wire-wool cleaners on the surface.