Interior stylist Michelle Halford and photographer/graphic designer Kirsty Dawn were brought together by their mutual love for design. Michelle, known for her pared back approach to interiors through her globally-recognised brand, The Design Chaser, has over a decade of experience working on creative projects involving styling, art direction, photography, and writing, collaborating with both local and international brands as well as private residential clients. Her focus has always been on creating spaces imbued with warmth and elegance. From her studio in Northland, New Zealand, Kirsty collaborates closely with clients worldwide, offering services in art direction, styling, and photography. With meticulous attention to light and composition, coupled with a deep understanding of design, the simple joys of the natural environment have shaped Kirsty’s values and approach to photography. She loves working with brands that share this appreciation for nature and honest storytelling.

With a shared appreciation for understated interiors that weave sensory elements and a respect for natural materials, the two quickly formed a close friendship and collaborative partnership.

From the outset, discussions centred around versatile furniture and long-lasting design, and how we could fuse together an architecturally-inspired simplicity and refined aesthetic—pieces that exude a subtle yet impactful presence—setting the tone for the spaces we aspire to live in.

“We strongly believe in quality and timelessness over passing trends. Our hope is that we can offer design that is both adaptable and enduring, with pieces that seamlessly transition between spaces and homes, ready to be cherished for years to come."

—Vertone founders, Michelle Halford and Kirsty Dawn

A fresh addition to the New Zealand furniture scene, Vertone presents their inaugural collection, Aperture, featuring a duo of pieces—a versatile low-level table and a side table—inspired by architectural lines and the desire to simplify and refine.

Crafted with precision in New Zealand using natural materials, the Aperture series explores balance, scale, and proportions, seamlessly blending structural solidity with an airy lightness. This delicate equilibrium is achieved through a thoughtful interplay of planes, drawing inspiration from both architectural forms and traditional Japanese woodworking.